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What are the section prices?
The prices of sections vary from $230,000 - $400,000. Please get in touch to discuss.
When are property titles due?
Due to unforeseen weather delays impacting civil works completion titles are now expected towards the end of 2017 or early 2018.
What is special about Otahu Heights?
These house and land packages in Whangamata offer an affordable and exciting option of living within close proximity to the busy beachside town of Whangamata without having to compromise on space, privacy and quality of home.

Can I choose my own builder?
Yes you can choose your own builder, however they must meet the terms of the covenant that will be registered against your title. You can also learn more about the potential savings of working with Build7 Coromandel our building partner.

What is the process for buying a section?
We recommend interested buyers get in touch.
Is there a minimum house size?
Yes, the minimum house size excluding garage is 100m2.
Are house and land packages available?
Yes, there are multiple house & land packages available to suit all site sizes through our preferred building partners. Read more.
Who pays for fences?
Fencing is the responsibility of the purchaser.

I know what I want to build, do you have suggested designers?
Build7 Coromandel can help you design your dream home. They are offering Otahu Heights section buyers a free architectural design service, so be sure to talk to them first. Contact us for more information.

How restrictive are the covenants?
The covenants are designed to protect the look, feel and future value of each property. This is achieved by providing a standard of appearance that has as little effect on neighbours, as is reasonable in the premium environment that Otahu Heights is creating. Go ahead and download a copy here.
How far is Otahu Heights from town?
It’s only a short, four minute drive to town (or a little longer by foot or bike).

Will Otahu Heights have Fibre UFB Internet connectivity? Yes! Ultra Fast Broadband (Fibre) will be installed to the subdivision for ultimate connectivity (the first of its kind in Whangamata).